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Look Forward to These Albums in 2016!

Following the release of the superb GoGo Penguin album "Man Made Object" last week, I thought I would have look for some other potentially great releases due to come our way in 2016!

SNARKY PUPPY - Family Dinner Volume 2

This album is a live recording with a myriad of guest vocalists and follows the same format as Volume 1 (so check it out if you want to know the type of thing to expect from Vol. 2). For anybody that's already familiar with SP, you will know to expect some stunning performances from established "muso" type musicians and quality vocals on display. Although routed in jazz, they cover many genres from latin to soul; but all played in a fresh, innovative fashion... Out today (12th February)!


Djent/deathcore outfit After the Burial's fifth studio album is due on 19th Feb (the same date as my EP! ;) and if the band's last album "Wolves Within" is anything to go by, it should be a triumph of epic heaviness! This is their first album since the tragic death of guitarist and founding member Justin Lowe last year. I've seen these guys live twice and they are tight! If you like your metal with plenty of groove and complex rhythms, you should check this out!


Nobody really knows anything about this release and it's only since the band set-up a new company called Dawn Chorus in October of last year that fans are now awaiting a new album in 2016 (the band have set up a new company prior to the release of their last few albums). The artwork pictured here appeared on the band's website recently and it has been speculated that this could be the artwork for the new album. Whatever may be the case, Radiohead are one of my favourite artists and I can't wait to hear this! RH should be touring this year too, although information/dates seem to be again, unsurprisingly, shrouded in mystery - I'd expect nothing less!


RHCP are due to release a new album in the spring, which will be produced by (surprise surprise!) industry legend and long-term band collaborator Rick Rubin. They've currently got a massive 30 songs to choose from for the album, which will be the first since 2011's "I'm With You". Not too sure what to expect from this offering....

TOOL - ???

OK, so I may be jumping the gun on this one a little bit, but album #5 IS in progress (and "going well" according to guitarist Adam Jones) and I'm very excited about it! It's not even known whether it'll come out this year, but it'll be worth the wait when it does. They've never made a bad album in my opinion and their releases only get better each time. If you like your music dark, sophisticated, unpredictable and with more complex arrangements and polyrhythmical grooves than you can shake a Meshuggah album at, then this may be for you...even if you don't like metal! This will be their first since release since 2006's excellent "10,000 Days" - now that's what I call leaving the fans wanting more!


Some other artists' albums that have been or are due to be released this year:

DEFTONES - Gore, MYSTERY JETS - Curve of the Earth, JEFF BUCKLEY - You and I, SKUNK ANANSIE - Anarchytecture, EMPIRICAL - Connection, SUBMOTION ORCHESTRA - Colour Theory, WOLFMOTHER - Victorious, BLACK SABBATH - The End (Tour Only), MESHUGGAH - TBC

I'm sure there are more great releases due to come out that have escaped my attention, but there's already plenty here to look forward to! Please let me know if there are any albums - by artists old or new - that you think I should check out/review!

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